Compass Protection Services

Compass Protection Services will remove worry from clients who require facilities services for their people, property, assets and environment by providing in-depth training for our staff, excellent customer services and new technologies

Our Services 


We provide the following; 

  • Consulting in Corporate and Industrial
  • Residential
  • Street Patrols
  • Close Protection
  • Film, Television and Special Events

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to give our clients the best possible solutions in the wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic. We understand the need to cutting back costs while keeping up with standards required for your operations and the guards well being. We provide Security Management and Supervision to our clients. For more information on our Consulting Service contact Neville direct: 

Selection and Recruitment

Only PSIRA registered officers are recruited after comprehensive screening including criminal records and previous employment checks. Our film and events division plays an integral part in the selection process for our placement in the corporate and industrial sector.

Management and Supervisors are required to submit medical examinations as part of the selection process. 

We supply A, B and C grade officers.

Industrial Relations

We recognize that our success and service depends on the personnel motivation, loyalty, dedication and integrity. We firmly believe that sound Human Resource Management and a positive attitude towards Industrial Relations is the extension of a good business policy. With our comprehensive grievance and appeal procedure, monthly worker committee meetings, laid disciplinary code and warning system, competitive salaries and peripheral benefits, we are achieving and maintaining our aspirations of a happy, professional, highly disciplined and trained workforce.

Promotion and Advancement

We are committed to recognizing the qualities of leadership among the serving members and hold to the belief that individual's growth facilitates the achievement of the desired  standard of efficiency.

We have compiled our very own safety file which is inducted with our employees twice annually. This is treated as part of our in-house training for the well being of the officers and protection of our clients people, property, assets and the environment.

Officers are encouraged to undertake the various courses and examinations formulated and controlled by the Private Security Regulatory Authority of South Africa. 

Site Procedure/Job Descriptions

On a contract being awarded to Compass Protection Services, the following essential steps are taken;

  • Prior to the deployment of the officers to the site, a specific training program unique to the findings in the risk assessment and the clients needs are developed.
  • Our risk management team will undertake a full HSSE assessment by a competent person with a view to identifying hazards and the HSSE Management Plans.
  • From the HSSE Management Plans and in liaison with the client, a Proper Job Instruction (PJI) and Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) is compiled for security operations.
  • A training officer will remain on site ensuring that the transition period is adequately supervised.
  • The presence of this officer will be determined by the nature, size and complexity of the organization being guarded. 

Risk Management

In accordance with the Occupation Health and Safety Act of South Africa (85 of 1993), it is our duty to inform employees of the risks associated with their position in the security sector. Our employees are also made aware of their duty to inform the employer of any hazards or risks that present themselves of which we promptly assess and put in place the necessary management plans.